We understand your situation

Our strengths come to light in particular at the interface between business processes and information technology. Successfully advising the management as well as the software architect, we offer both methodological and technological “state of the art” expertise.
We occupy key positions in software architecture and development, thus covering project, quality as well as requirements management.


What we do in order for you to be successful?

The foundation of our success is the solid substance of our knowledge and our abilities based on experience, deep methodological knowledge and (only partially learnable) common sense – all applied in daily project work. We have mastered the professional preparation of complex cases in order to explain and present even substantial topics to target groups.

Only if form and substance match, can a result be achieved in a calm and purposeful manner which will change old patterns and convince our customers of the new approach, thus creating a long-term trustful relationship between us.
We know that every action will have an effect on our customers, employees and business partners. Therefore, we constantly monitor the consequences thereof, thus ensuring that our support is always effective and of sustainable value.


You can rely on us!

We know your business
This is the result of consistent work that understands IT as an integral part of strategy, organization and technology and that develops solutions in the context of the company’s business strategy, customer base and market.
People make the difference
The consultancy team of KEGON consists exclusively of people with many years of diverse professional experience and entrepreneurial thinking as well as acting.
We understand proven methods as the basis
We are constantly expanding and questioning our profound knowledge which is the basis of our work. But primarily due to the skill of a KEGON partner, his experience and intuition, are outstanding solutions possible. This balance is one of the core values of KEGON.
Technological know-how is a matter of course
For your solutions we give our best: a passion for technical developments as well as a high level of attention to detail.

Our solid foundation

Established in 2002
Type of company: corporation
Ownership structure: 11 partners
Employees: 26 (2014)


What does KEGON mean?

The name KEGON is not an abbreviation for anything. The name KEGON derives from the Japanese school of Buddhism Kegon-shū.

What does that have to do with us?

For us, KEGON symbolizes that only the actions of each individual can advance the whole. We feel therefore obliged to support and accompany our customers on a path of self- dependent action in a connected world.


Skill needs personality