What is behind agile@ enterprise™?

agile@enterprise™ has combined the best practices from the implementation of large agile development organizations into a coherent concept. It includes, for example, a framework for requirements management, architecture management, release management and testing plus QA. Furthermore, it offers help in the process within the organization and management.

Is agility the key to „Lean IT Management?

Internet companies such as real estate-Scout-24 and XING have demonstrated it. But can these experiences easily be transferred to other IT organizations?
We at KEGON have got the experience: By introducing Scrum in an insurance company, by the introduction of Scrum and Kanban in a development organization with several hundred people, with the overall structure of an agile organization,…

What are the most important aspects of agile organizations in large teams?

Scrum and Kanban are now generally recognized effective practices for lean and focused software development. But do they also work on a larger scale? For example with hundreds of developers, with complex architectures and releases for a variety of clients? We at KEGON can show you how to deal with the problems that can arise in the process.

Now, finally, we have order in our multi-project environment. But no co-worker comes anymore and says: I’ve got an idea. Or: I have tried something and that could really bring us forward. – I think we have formed crusts/layers that are too thick.

This said the CIO of a large insurance company,